Forensic Investigation of Concrete Slab in Industrial Warehouse


    FPrimeC Solutions was hired by Client to conduct forensic investigation on concrete surface defects in an industrial warehouse in Vaughan, ON. The concrete surface had been damaged at the time of the inspection. The main objective was to assess the extent of defects, and identify potential causes. Moreover, FPrimeC was asked to provide expert opinion on several existing defects on structural and nonstructural components.

    Our Approach and Methodology

    FPrimeC used a systematic and scientific procedure to collect available evidence, explore the extent and severity of potential damages to the industrial floor, and provide client with a technical report as part of the dispute resolution. FPrimeC deployed a wide range of nondestructive testing solutions to verify quality and integrity of the elements.

    FPrimeC developed an as-built drawing for mapping existing defects, collecting pictures from different structural and nonstructural components, including masonry concrete blocks, steel columns, and masonry walls.