FPrimeC Solutions Inc. has been engaged by (“client”) to perform structural condition assessment of pipe bridge (sewer) in Etobicoke, ON (Region of Peel). The inspection and assessment was part of the routine maintenance and rehabilitation of the asset.

    Condition Assessment of Pipe Bridge

    Close Up Visual Inspection of Pipe Bridge

    Close-up visual inspection was conducted on the Abutment Walls and the Centre Pier.  Visual inspection on the West abutment and west face of the centre pier was conducted through reviewing photos (taken by tele lenses), and High Definition (HD) videos provided. Where access through a zoon lift was possible, it was used to inspect and test the concrete surface using hammer sounding. Steel Plates and Anchor bolts were visually inspected for sign of corrosion and section loss.

    Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation of Pipe Bridge

    Non-destructive testing and evaluation was performed to assess the concrete quality, structural integrity. A combination of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) and Rebound (Schmidt) Hammer were used to assess structural integrity of concrete components.