Forensic Investigation

FPrimeC Solutions provides the most advanced nondestructive testing and evaluation methods for forensic investigation of structural systems. These NDT/NDE solutions can be used to assess concrete structures and materials.

  • Fire damaged concrete; 
  • Concrete failure investigation;
  • Impact Loads;
  • Corrosion-related failures;
  • Leaking Concrete and Shotcrete
  • Foundations and Piles;
  • Concrete Construction Disputes.

Nondestructive Evaluation for Forensic Investigation

Nondestructive testing and evaluation can help forensic engineers collect key information about the quality and integrity of concrete and steel materials and structures. FPrimeC offers the most comprehensive NDE/NDE package to answer the most common questions regarding the structural details, fire and heat effect, and materials characteristics. 

  • Advanced Ultrasonic Pulse Tomography
  • Petrography of Concrete
  • Impact-Echo Testing of Concrete Thickness
  • Ground Penetrating Radar for Structural Details
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Assessment of Concrete Uniformity
  • Half-Cell Corrosion Potential Mapping and Corrosion Rate Measurement

Simulations and Numerical Modeling

FPrimeC offers advanced numerical modeling and simulation for forensic investigation of structures. FPrimeC combined the results of nondestructive testing and finite element modeling to address the root cause of structural failures, and to assess the extent and severity of defects. 

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