Ground Penetrating Radar for Concrete

FPrimeC Solutions provides the most innovative, rapid, and cost-effective Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) solutions to solve a wide range of engineering problems regarding concrete structures:

  • Map steel rebar in concrete; 
  • Estimate the thickness of concrete elements;
  • Locate live conduits;
  • Detect voids and cavities in and underneath concrete slab-on-grades.
  • Rapid Screening for Corrosion Inspection of Bridge Decks and Parking Slabs

GPR for Utility Locate

Whether you are scanning concrete to locate utilities, storm pipes, and trenches, or trying to detect subsurface voids, our GPR experts can assist you in your project.

  • Identify the location of major voids (in soil, underneath concrete, and around excavations)
  • Utility Locate

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