Concrete Repair & Rehabilitation

Defects in concrete can negatively impact the durability and structural performance of concrete.  Some of the most common defects in concrete structures are:

  • Concrete Cracking
  • Corrosion in Concrete
  • Voids and Cavities (Poor consolidation)
  • Low Strength/ Capacity 

FPrimeC Provides expert advice on concrete repair and rehabilitation and strengthening.  FPrimeC offers a  holistic approach to design and implementation of concrete repair. Our materials and structural engineering experts work closely with you and your team to design the best repair solution that meets your service life objectives, timelines, and budget:

  • Step 1 – Investigation 
  • Step 2 – Evaluate Performance Needs 
  • Step 3 – Preliminary Repair Options
  • Step 4 – Develop Repair Design and Drawings

Step 1 – Investigation

Diagnosing the root cause of the problem is the first step towards developing and implementing a successful repair project. Here is how FPrimeC helps customers with an unmatched quality in the investigation phase:

  • An Expert Team: Our experts come with several decades of experience in addressing the most complex problems facing concrete structures around the globe. (Meet the Team)
  • Advanced Testing Solutions: We offer the most comprehensive multi-technology assessment program that minimizes the downtime of the asset, reduces safety risks, eliminates the need for excessive coring and drilling, and provides superior assessment quality. (Learn about our testing Capabilities)

Step 2 – Set Performance Goals

Understanding Performance Goals is an important step in every repair projects. Our experts work closely with maintenance teams, consultants and contractors and help them set the structural and durability performance goals. Such questions are:

  • How much longer do you intend on maintaining the asset?
  • What level of structural performance is needed in the event of ultimate design loads (earthquake, explosion, overloading).
  • Do you want to consider strengthening of existing structure? How about adding to ductility or durability?  
  • Service Life Cost Analysis

Step 3 – Preliminary Repair Options 

Based on the repair performance objectives, a few concrete repair and rehabilitation options will be studied. The advantages of each option will be reviewed, and preliminary budget will be assessed. Practical and Operational considerations will be reviewed together with the client (the downtime of the asset, the interruption in the operation as a result of repair, the risks associated with the repair on the operation). Some of the most common repair solutions are:

  • Crack Injection 
  • Patch Repair for Localized Defects
  • Step-by-Step Corrosion Mitigation and Repair
  • GFRP Repair systems
  • CFRP Strengthening Solutions
  • Self-Healing Concrete Solutions

Step 4 – Repair Design, and Tender/IFC Drawings

When a repair scenario and methodology is finalized, FPrimeC structural engineers start working on preparing detailed repair methodology, sequences, and provide drawings for construction (IFC). 

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