FPrimeC Solutions was retained by Gannett Fleming (Client) to perform Nondestructive Evaluation on a damaged prestressed concrete girder in a pedestrian bridge in Mississauga, ON. The client was interested to evaluate the current condition of concrete girder through non-intrusive test, evaluate the extent of defects, and assess structural integrity. The concrete girder had been damaged during the service life. Sign of physical damage (accidental impact loads), and concrete deterioration was observed on the girder. Parts of top and bottom flanges and web were minimally damaged, with spalled concrete and exposed rebar.


    Nondestructive Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Girder

    Following communication with the client, a test plan involving hammer sounding, Rebound hammer, and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV)  was designed and executed to assess structural integrity of the girder. Hammer sounding was used to assess potential delamination in the concrete elements.

    The results of the UPV test were used to assess the structural integrity of concrete girder.