FPrimeC Solutions Inc. was engaged by the client to perform non-destructive evaluation of a concrete topping at a mixed-use development in Oshawa, ON.


    Walkthrough Visual Inspection And Hammer Sounding

    To assess the condition of the test area, a walkthrough visual examination of concrete was performed. Hammer sounding was performed to find potential surface and shallow subsurface defects.


    Ground Penetrating Radar

    Ground Penetrating Radar was performed to identify the rebar locations, spacing and depth in the concrete topping based on ASTM D 6432. A GPR probe with 1 GHz frequency was used for the purpose of investigations. 


    Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

    Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) tests were performed to assess the overall concrete quality and uniformity. Because only one concrete surface was exposed, the UPV tests were taken using the indirect method where both probes  share the same directional orientation. 


    Rebound Hammer

    Rebound hammer tests were performed at the same test stations to evaluate the quality and uniformity of the concrete. This method has been developed through different standards and guidelines such as the ASTM C 805