Digital Inspection Solutions

    Digital Inspection

    FPrimeC Solutions provide smart digital inspection solutions for a wide range of structure inspection projects. We help our clients with advanced inspection solution. Our digital inspection platform provides seamless integration with our Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation solutions. 

    • Digital Inspection – Visual Inspection
    • Construction Reality Capture
    • 360 Video Capture
    • LiDAR – Laser Scanning
    • Real Time Integration of data from NDT/NDE sensors

    Drone Inspection

    We offer cost-effective digital inspection using drones. We provide various range of drone inspection for inspection of industrial assets, confined spaces (i.e. silos), and transportation infrastructure.

    FPrimeC can help customers with:

    • Plan drone inspection programs
    • Customize speciality drones for thermal imaging, and reality capture
    • Drone Inspection for Wind Turbines
    • Drone Inspection for Silos (exterior and Interior)
    • Image Processing, Visual Inspection, and Reporting