FPrimeC Solutions provides the most innovative inspection and testing solutions for non-destructive evaluation of trunk sewers. Our NDT solutions provide an excellent alternative to traditional intrusive procedures. These solutions are portable, and require minimum number of technicians and engineers in the trunk sewer line. 

Adapting a non-intrusive assessment approach will shorten the inspection timelines, increase workers safety, and help eliminate unnecessary risks associated with coring and drilling. Moreover, the test methods are repeatable, and can be implemented in the routine inspection programs.

Our NDT solutions can help customers with the following services:

  • Evaluation of Concrete Lining Thickness
  • Evaluation of Concrete Lining Strength
  • Evaluating Durability Performance of Concrete (Permeability)

NDT for Concrete Lining Thickness

A combination of non-destructive evaluation techniques can be used to accurately estimate the thickness of concrete lining. This is critical in the condition assessment of existing trunk sewer lines, and for the restoration and rehabilitation purposes. 

  • Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete Lining
    • Ultrasonic Pulse Echo
    • Ultrasonic Tomography
  • Impact-Echo (Read More)
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (On the condition that moisture content is low)
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Trunk Sewers

NDT for Concrete Lining Strength

A combination of non-destructive evaluation techniques can be used to accurately estimate the compressive strength of concrete. The NDT methods can significantly minimize the  number of intrusive tests, and provide a rapid, and cost-effective tool for verifying concrete uniformity and strength adequacy. 

Assessing Durability Performance of Concrete Lining

NDT methods such as Surface Electrical Resistivity can be used for comparative assessment of trunk sewer linings. If there is a sign of corrosion, Half-Cell Potential Mapping can be used to estimate the likelihood of corrosion in larger areas. 

Surface Electrical Resistivity in Trunk Sewer Inspection

NDT for Condition Assessment of Trunk Sewer Lines

Cost-effective NDT solutions for enhanced inspection of trunk sewer lines