Condition Survey for Bridge Decks

4 Methods of Condition Survey for Bridge Decks

Exposed Concrete Decks suffer from various deterioration mechanisms; i.e. freezing and thawing, corrosion. The most significant consequence is the delamination of concrete, which could eventually trigger other damage mechanism, such as corrosion. The maintenance of deck slabs is quite challenging mainly because it normally involves large areas;

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Concrete Imaging and Scanning Feature Photo

NDT Methods for Concrete Imaging and Scanning

Concrete Imaging and Scanning are used to assess the location and extent of sub-surface defects. Different non-destructive test methods have been developed and used over the past few decades. The following article briefly describes some of these methods, and their application in the structure inspection and structural

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GPR in Structural Assessment

How to use GPR in Structural Assessment?

A multi-technology approach using different Nondestructive Testing (NDT) technologies is becoming the new standard in structural condition assessment. Ground Penetrating Radar has proved to be an effective method in collective key information about the structural details, however, this interesting technology comes with inherent limitations. It is important

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FPrimeC_Concrete Scanning and Imaging

How to Scan Concrete using GPR ?

In this article, the basic principles and the advantages of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in concrete scanning and its comparison to other concrete scanning NDT techniques will be presented. This technique is greatly beneficial to contractors and engineers working in the construction industry. What is Ground Penetrating

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3 Methods to Detect Voids under Concrete Slabs

In this article, we will review 3 non-destructive testing and evaluation methods for detecting voids under concrete slabs. We will review Ground Penetrating Radar, Ultrasonic Pulse Echo, and Impact-Echo/Impulse-Response methods for evaluating the location and extent of voids under concrete slabs and pavements. Voids Under Concrete Slabs

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