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Best in Class Non-Destructive Testing Solutions for structure inspection, condition assessment, and quality control


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Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete

We offer best-in-class non-destructive evaluation and testing solution for concrete materials and structures. We utilize the most innovative technologies and advanced engineering to support our clients with the decision making process.

NDT for Structural-Condition-Assessment

FPrimeC provides advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solutions for structure inspection and condition assessment. 

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Concrete Imaging & Scanning

FPrimeC provides the most advanced imaging and scanning for structural concrete, including ground penetrating radar (GPR), ultrasonic tomography, ultrasonic pulse-echo (UPE), and impact-echo to identify and quantify sub-surface defects. 

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Pile Integrity Test

FPrimeC offers innovative testing solutions for evaluating integrity of piles and deep foundation elements. We help customers with low strain impact integrity test, crosshole sonic logging, thermal integrity profiling, and parallel seismic tests.


Concrete Cracks & Structural Integrity

FPrimeC provides advanced inspection and monitoring solution to assess integrity and reliability of reinforced concrete elements, including beams, columns, slabs, post-tensioned girders, and mass foundations.


Corrosion Inspection & Monitoring

FPrimeC offers advanced NDT solutions for inspection and monitoring of corrosion in concrete structures, including bridge decks, parking garages, and industrial facilities.



Quality is the Best Business Plan.
iPile - low strain pile integrity tester

“… we successfully used iPile to assess the integrity of drilled shafts (piles) in Chile, and I am very happy with its performance. FPrimeC and their technical partners in South America provided us with great support which allowed us to deliver our projects on budget and on time.”

Paulo Oróstegui Torvisco

General Manager, OITEC GEOTECNIA - Chile


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