Crosshole Sonic Logging - Concrete Caissons - Bridge in Ontario Canada - FPrimeC Solutions


FPrimeC Solutions was hired by Ellisdon  to perform low strain pile integrity and crosshole sonic logging-CSL for deep foundations of the QEW Credit River Bridge in Mississauga, ON. The testing was part of the quality control and quality assurance process.  The foundations were 1500 mm in diameter, and approximately 7500 mm depth. Access tubes were installed in the caissons as part of the QC program.

Low Strain Pile Integrity Test

Low strain pile integrity test is a common nondestructive test (NDT) procedure for quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) in deep foundation construction. The test can be used to identify physical defects (voids or discontinuity, referred to as pile integrity) in piles, or determine unknown length of existing deep foundations.

According to the ASTM D5882, Pile Integrity Test refers to qualitative evaluation of the physical dimensions, continuity of a pile, and consistency of the pile material. The following parameters can be evaluated:

  • Pile Dimensions (cross section, depth)
  • Pile Type
  • Strata / Soil Condition

Learn more about PIT here:

Crosshole Sonic Logging

Crosshole Sonic Logging - Concrete Caissons - Bridge in Ontario Canada - FPrimeC Solutions

Crosshole Sonic Logging – CSL is an effective nondestructive testing method for evaluating the integrity of deep foundations. Developed based on the principles of ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) test in concrete, the test can address some of the practical limitation that come with length/diameter (i.e. in low strain pile integrity test). The test can be used to collect precise information on the quality and integrity of concrete at different depths.

The CSL test for deep foundations has been standardized as ASTM D6760-16 “Standard Test Method for Integrity Testing of Concrete Deep Foundations by Ultrasonic Crosshole Testing”.

Learn more about CSL test here:



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