Nondestructive Evaluation for Dams

    FPrimeC Solutions provides innovative non-destructive testing and monitoring solutions for cost-effective and reliable inspection and testing of concrete dams.

    Our NDT solutions can help customers with surface and sub-surface inspection and monitoring of concrete dams, waterways and spillways:

    • Detect Major voids and discontinuities
    • Detect poor quality concrete
    • Map freeze-thaw damage in concrete dams
    • Identify and Quantify Alkali-Silica Reactions
    • Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring

    Ultrasonic Scanning

    FPrimeC Solutions provides advanced ultrasonic testing solutions to scan existing surface defects (crack depth), and pinpoint sub-surface defects and anomalies.

    • Crack Depth Measurement
      • Evaluate depth and width of surface cracks
      • Quantitative analysis of extent of concrete cracking and damage index
      • Quality Control/Quality Assurance of Cold Joints
    • Detect Sub-Surface Voids and Defects
      • identify location of major voids
      • identify extent of Honeycombing
      • identify homogeneity and consistency issues 


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    Impact-Echo and Impulse-Response Scanning

    Impulse-Response Methods (Transient Method) and Impact-Echo provide a great too for scanning concrete elements in dams, and spillways. 

    Impact echo is a great method to identify the depth and location of delamination in concrete slabs, and spillways. 

    Impulse-Response method is used to locate voids and defects underneath the concrete slabs.

    Ground Penetrating Radar

    FPrimeC Solutions provides expert data collection & superior ground penetrating radar solutions tailored to your unique challenge. Weather you are scanning concrete to locate rebar, or using GPR to identify and locate sub-surface defects, our NDT experts can help you.

    • Pinpoint Structural Detail
      • locate steel rebar
      • locate post-tensioning tendons
      • locate conduits and pipes
      • estimate the cover thickness
      • estimate concrete thickness
    • Detect Sub-Surface Voids
      • identify location of major voids
      • locate cavities


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