FPrimeC Solutions provides the most innovative non-destructive testing solutions for inspection and evaluation of concrete piles and foundations (new and existing):

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) for new caissons and bored concrete piles:
    • Pile Integrity Test (PIT)
    • Ultrasonic Crosshole Sonic Logging
    • Thermal Integrity Profiling  
  • Non-destructive Evaluation of Existing Foundations
  • Inspection and Testing of Light Pole Foundations and Concrete Pylons 
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Tomography and Seismic Tomography Testing of Mass Concrete Foundations

Quality Control for Piles

Pile Integrity Tests (Read More)

We provide geotechnical engineers, material testing laboratories, and piling contractors with cost-effective and reliable non-destructive testing solutions for quality control and quality assurance:

  • Pile Integrity Test (PIT): Read More
  • Ultrasonic Crosshole Sonic Logging
  • Thermal Integrity Profiling

We help customers with:

  • Review of Documents and Coordination with Customers
  • Detailed Planning for Quality Control of Caissons and Piles
  • Conduct advanced non-destructive pile integrity testing and evaluation
  • Verify pile integrity, cross section, and pile depth
  • Determine location and extent of internal defects
Quality Control of Concrete Piles and Foundations
Pile with Defect

Quality Control for Wind Turbine Foundation

FPrimeC Solutions offers advanced non-destructive testing solutions for quality control and assessment of wind turbine foundations. Our NDT solutions can be used to assess the quality of newly built concrete foundations, as well as forensic investigation of existing foundations:

  • Low Strain Pile Integrity Testing (ASTM D5882
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Testing
  • Crack Depth and Width Measurements
  • Ground Penetrating Radar for Sub-Surface Voids and Defects

Read More: NDT/NDE for Wind Turbine Foundation

Foundations of Wind Turbines
NDT for Concrete Piles and Foundations

NDT/NDE for Special Foundations

FPrimeC Solutions offers advanced a range of advanced NDT solutions for structural evaluation of special foundations, such as concrete foundation blocks of gas turbine generators, and foundations of industrial facilities (oil and energy infrastructure) 

Read More: NDT/NDE for Special Foundations